About Luxe


My name is Sherita, I'm the sole owner and creator of Luxe. Thank you for your interest in my brand and story. 

Here is a little back story about myself and how it all began, for 15 years plus I have been a certified cosmetologist who specializes in all things nails. In 2018 I decided to step away from the salon and pursue my passion in a different form. Seeing horrible hygiene practices, unhappy customers, along with time and money waisted, starting Luxe was the best solution. 

Solving salon issues and delivering a luxury and convenient product to women has been a dream that continues to grow. Once Covid happened Luxe became more of a necessity and essential for women who live and love the nail life. 

I hand craft every nail allowing me to ensure my product is high quality and luxury. Luxe is not a wholesale product nor do I purchase wholesale premade nails from a 3rd party.  Each nail is coated in resin to ensure durability and long wear. Durability of acrylic without the any of the harsh chemicals or harm to the natural nail. Luxe is also created to be reused and versatile.

There is no measuring, back and forth, or long wait times. Each set has 24 nails, sizes 0-9 and a nail kit.  

In 2020 Luxe started working on expanding Luxe Nails to including Luxe Apparel and Accessories. These lines will launch in 2021 with the continued high end luxury. 

Thank you for the interest in my product!