About Luxe

Luxe is a Nailista Brand that was established in 2017 to save women time and money. We understand the importance of perfect nails and dope designs, we also understand what it takes to accomplish the look. This was the idea behind LUXE, to focus on eliminate long nail salon visits, cancelled appointments and last min salon searches. We have seen the unhappy finished product and know the feeling of   waisted money. So we create a product that would pay for itself, while never compromising on design or art. Luxe is simple and easy and takes minutes to apply or remove.

Pick your designs, pick your application process, wear your designs (as much as you want), interchange art (to create new sets), remove when ready (without damage), store designs, reapply when needed.  Experience freedom and explore the possibilities,  Durability and comfort is never a question. Celebrating the Nailista in you.  


Our Difference: 

We understand the importance of healthy nails and the desire to avoid contact with toxic chemicals. Every woman can have healthy nails without compromising beauty and style.