Show Me Nudes
Show Me Nudes
Luxe press on Nails

Show Me Nudes

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Nude- Coffin

Show Me Nudes is a chic updated look to the classic french manicure. Each nail is shaped to perfection and coated with resin for durability. This set is finished with a velvet matte and high gloss on each tip. Set comes with 24 nails for convenience, allowing extra nails and sizes.

*Note: Each set is handmade, therefore no two sets are identical 

(Picture is long coffin) 


-24 Total Nails

-Nail File 

-Nail Glue

-Alcohol Swab

-Cuticle Pusher

-Nail Buffer

-Application and Removal Instructions 

*With proper application Nails can last up to 2 week wear time

*With proper removal and care nail can last years 

* Recommendations: Don’t wash hands right after application.